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Flight, Poems by Nancy Shiffrin

Nancy Shffrin's Flight takes its cues from the body, from history, from faith, as it soars across our broken human landscape.

Sample Poems by Nancy Shiffrin

"In Flight, veteran poet Nancy Shiffrin regards the juxtaposition of beauty both vast and in sharply etched detail with the sometimes unbearable weight of history-personal, Jewish, and human-in a deft mix of observation and engagement, wry commentary and a sense of wonder. These are songs of experience that spoke deeply to me, Shiffrin's contemporary."-Elizabeth Zelvin, author of I Am the Daughter and Gifts & Secrets

"Nancy Shiffrin's questioning eye sees the gritty details of what normally goes unseen. In this way, Flight becomes a collection of secrets, even when it deals with well-known images and events: the Holocaust, the homeless, the combat of nature - from insects in a field (or a bathtub) to birds in wind to humans in every circumstance. Sometimes detached, most often keenly personal, these elegantly crafted poems reflect a world of constant movement, where each sudden or subtle shift signifies life."-Bill Harding, publisher of The San Diego Poetry Annual

"Nancy Shiffrin's Flight allows the reader to enter into poetic renewal as she allows readers to see, hear and taste contemporary Los Angeles in all of its delicious complexity. These are lovely poems about the sacred earth, love, dreams and delightful glimpses of virginity."- Stanford Searl, writer of Homage to the Lady with the Dirty Feet and other Vermont Poems, Songs for Diana and Mary Dyer's Hymn and other Quaker Poems

Nancy Shiffrin earned her BA at California State College, Northridge, her MA studying with Anais Nin. She earned her PhD at The Union Institute studying Jewish-American women authors. Her writing has appeared in theLos Angeles Times, New York Quarterly,Earth's Daughters, Lummox Journal,The Canadian Jewish Outlook, A Cafe in Space, Religion and Literature, Shofar, and numerous other publications. She has received awards and honorable mentions from The Academy of American Poets, The Poetry Society of America, The Alice Jackson Foundation, The Dora Teitelboim Foundation. Her currently available collection of poems is The Vast Unknowing, Infinity Publishing BN.com 2012. She resides in Santa Monica, California with her husband the novelist Thomas Page. Visit Nancy at http://www.NancyShiffrin.net.