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Sample Poems by Nancy Shiffrin

I Write

each day
on these sheets
marrow bone sinew
each night
on those sheets

Game with Variations

Puzzled plays stumble footed
rubs too hard
thrusts too weak
with each nuzzle
a little pleased

Clever plays lewdly
jay-bites neck
makes partner beg
refuses words of love
wonders at moments missed

Master plays with eagle eye
finds fresh tension in cheek belly
startles with hand
with mouth commits
submits greedy

I am a Stone Huddled

at the base of a mountain
he a stream that flows over
his words pass me gently by
his touch passes gently by
his flow passes gently by
I am unmoved
a stone huddled
at the base of a mountain

suddenly he is a river
raging he jars me loose
his words a turbulence
his touch a turbulence
I pound my fists
released by his current

Wishing Somehow

to catch him unaware
commit every private part
to memory or printed page
I put a finger on his sleeping smile

knowing somehow
that men like him
men for whom the sun shines brighter
cannot be captured under glass
put in houses to have children by
committed even as memory
to printed page

I bend
take him in my mouth
small soft vulnerable
to catch him one more time
wild hard wonderful