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Mere Thread, Poems by Katharine Gregg

Mere Thread by Katharine Gregg explores interstices-the spaces between things and the relationships between people and place. These lyric poems pay special attention to voice and to encounters as various as conversation with Thoreau, the experience of music and a deep relationship with the earth.

Sample Poems by Katharine Gregg

"'How do we get filled up, right to the top?' Katharine Gregg asks in this fine collection of poetry, Mere Thread. Certainly one way is by reading these poems with their lush, sensual images and keen observations-poems that also fill us with their rich study of historical figures, their delightfully imagined conversations with the likes of Henry Thoreau, Jonathan Edwards, Darwin, Mozart, Brahms. Gregg opens herself to large concerns, filling her poems, and us, with music and art, with acute attention to the natural world, and with delicate threads of spirit-all through language that is stunningly precise and beautiful."-Betsy Sholl

"Mere Thread wears seven league boots. Gregg's wanderlust sees through the jeweler's loupe of her imagination a world of sudden beauty and imminent trouble. Homing in through the right and 'wrong end/of binoculars,' she carries us from the sight of a cow on a sod roof to the Piazza Cavour to 'deep pools of sound and sun, breaking /the hearts of the trees . . .' Reader, this book, luminous and wise, will tug on the 'little fortress' of your heart."-Roger Weingarten

"Katharine Gregg's Mere Thread explores with the restlessness of a lifelong traveler. The power of remembering, even where versions conflict as in "The Day Stalin Died," lies not only in facts but in a hard-won knowledge that reckons with love, change, loss. Gregg, with her keen observing eye, admits fear, yet these poems willingly journey the whole distance of a deeply lived life as in the last lines of the final poem: '. . .Many times / the light rose up the pines and I/ was changed. Many times / I became myself.' These poems bristle with an intelligence and wisdom you won't soon forget." - Kate Fetherston

ISBN: 978-1625493781, 102 pages

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