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2024 Titles

Corner Office
Susan Hahn

Outside Paradise
Joanne Harris Allred

2023 Titles

Ronnie Hess

Shakiba Hashemi

Allison Joseph

Expert Terrain
Diane Schenker

Helen Tzagoloff

2022 Titles

Born Under the Influence
Andrena Zawinski

To Sleep with Bears
Steve Nickman

Erin Murphy

Buy a Ticket: New and Selected Poems
Judith R. Robinson

2021 Titles

Hello There
DeWitt Clinton

Empty the Ocean with a Thimble
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios

Mere Thread
Katharine Gregg

Lookout Hill
Martha Deborah Hall

Amanda Forrester

2020 Titles

Mary Carlton Swope

Overseeing the Downfall
Jeff Nesheim

Pool Party in a Body Cast
Martha Deborah Hall

Crossing State Lines
Joseph Chelius

The Opposite of Lightning
Barbara Stasko

Reed Wilson

In My Feelins
Cedric Tillman

2019 Titles

Halfway Friends for Decades
Elizbeth Carmer

In My Cottage
Martha Deborah Hall

Patterns: Moments in Time
Carol Smallwood

one inch punch
Arlene Biala

Scar and Flower
Lee Herrick

2018 Titles

Tunnels to Up-Country
Martha Deborah Hall

Fears and Pleasures
Helen Tzagoloff

The Everything Saint
Judy Katz-Levine

Martha Deborah Hall

Falling Back
Carol Gloor

Just To See How It Feels
Allison Cundiff

Liz Abrams-Morley

The Undertows of Anger
Martha Deborah Hall

2017 Titles

Midnights in my Mending Room
Martha Deborah Hall

Lynn Houston

Whit Grace
Anne Shivas

Bowling in the Bumper Lane
Corey Ginsberg

Lament of the Antichrist in a Secular World
Cara Chamberlain

Before the Ink is Dry
Martha Deborah Hall

2016 Titles

The God of Roundabouts
Susan Shaw Sailer

It Doesn't Work Like That
R.A. May

What Love Tells Me
Richard Waring

Allison Joseph

Stage to Page
James B. Nicola

New Haven
Martha Deborah Hall

Woman in Transition
Tanque R. Jones

Legacy of the Last World
Susan Roney-O'Brien

Things I Donít Want To Talk About
Carolyn Hill-Bjerke

2015 Titles

Under the Spell of a Persian Nightingale
Diana Woodcock

Fragments of the Natural
Alan Albert

Molly Prosser

Kanji Poems
David Galef

I Might Be Mistaken
Barbara Duffey

This River Goes Two Ways
Martin Woodside

The Divine Botany
Cara Chamberlain

At the Narrows
Meredith Davies Hadaway

Pure Products of America
Christian Thompson

Planetary Nights
Jeanne LeVasseur

2014 Titles

Unthrifty Loveliness
Christopher Bursk

The Art of Acquiescence
Joseph A. Chelius

Every State Has Its Own Light
Sandra Storey

Divining the Prime Meridian
Carol Smallwood

The Accidental Garden
William Greenway

Irene Willis

her beckoning hands
Arlene Biala

Stephen Malin

The Closing, the Opening
Martha Deborah Hall

Manhattan Plaza
James B. Nicola

Clay County Pastoral
Steve Tompkins

2013 Titles

Dream of the Antique Dealer's Daughter
Robin Smith-Johnson

Discontinued Township Roads
Abby Chew

Lamentation with June Bug
Nancy Esposito

Waking My Mother
Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

Mother's Maiden Name
Anne Colwell

Little Architects of Time and Space
Susan Nisenbaum Becker

Spilled Milk
Grey Held

Distant Glitter
Erin Murphy

Tina Kelley

Waiting for the Light to Change
Bernadette McBride

2012 Titles

Graffiti in Braille
Barbara Strasko

Survivors' Picnic
Debra Bruce

Heart. Wood.
Eric Torgersen

Carpe Something
Michael Milburn

2011 Titles

Colette Inez

She Is A Pupa, Soft and White
Elinor Cramer

What Focus Is
Matthew Spireng

Saint Sinatra
Angela O'Donnell

Word Problems
Erin Murphy

The River is a Reason
Meredith Davies Hadaway

2010 Titles

Anatomy of a Shape-Shifter
Stacia M. Fleegal

Believing Their Shadows
Anne Colwell

Earthquake Season
Jessica Goodheart

The Ring Scar
Loren Graham

Necessary Turns
Liz Abrams-Morley

2009 Titles

Moving House
Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

Public Hearings
Richard Hague

Drive By Heart
Michael Milburn

The Unpredictability of Light
Marguerite Bouvard

The Body Tries Again
Melanie Dusseau

2008 Titles

A Memento Sent by the World
Marianna Hofer

The Empty House
Faith Shearin

Line Dance
Barbara Crooker

Dislocation and Other Theories
Erin Murphy

2007 Titles

Universal Monsters
Bryan Dietrich

Toward Any Darkness
Rick Mulkey

2006 Titles

Babel's Stair
Rhoda Janzen

A Woman Milking
Marcia Slatkin

The Goddess of Gumbo
Kendra Hamilton

Some Hero of the Past
Greg Kosmicki

Counting the Waves
Deborah Cummins

2005 Titles

Radiance, Winner of the 2004 Word Poetry First Book Prize
Barbara Crooker

Moving Picture
David Cazden

Fishing Secrets of the Dead
Meredith Davies Hadaway

Borrowed Towns
Richard Newman

No Magic
Leah Nielsen

2004 Titles

Constantine Contogenis

Fishing at the End of the World
William Greenway

Science of Desire
Erin Murphy

Worldly Pleasures, Winner of the 2002 Word Poetry Poetry Prize
Allison Joseph

The Time It Takes Light
Richard Hague

Anatomical Venus
Meg Schoerke

2002 Titles

The Zydeco Tablets
Alison Pelegrin

The Gospel of Galore, Winner of the Washington State Book Award
Tina Kelley

Richard Hague