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The Zydeco Tablets by Alison Pelegrin

Alison Pelegrin's The Zydeco Tablets is a lively, memorable series of character portraits rooted in her native Louisiana. Writing frequently in blank verse and other fixed forms, Pelegrin handles form so smoothly that it is almost invisible--though the music of these poems always lingers in the ear, both during their reading and long afterwards.

Samples of Alison Pelegrin's poetry

Praise for The Zydeco Tablets

"Alison Pelegrin's Louisiana is a vivid region located in the real world, and her Louisiana is also a place large enough and grand enough to contain a major imagination. The Zydeco Tablets is the first full book by a poet who will soon be recognized for her brilliance and skill and wisdom."--James Whitehead

"Alison Pelegrin knows her art and her people--waitresses and road workers done up in images as sharp and bright as sunshine on chrome. Her lines are tough with meaning and so backroads-sexy I can't keep my eyes off of them."--Tim Gautreaux

Alison Pelegrin earned an MFA degree from the University of Arkansas where for two years she served as director of the Arkansas Writers in the Schools Program. During her tenure, the writers she helped to train conducted two-day poetry workshops for over 13,000 schoolchildren. She is the author of two award-wining chapbooks: Dancing with the One-Armed Man and Voodoo Lips. She lives in Mandeville, Louisiana with her husband Bryan Davidson and Benjamin, their son.

$16.00, 92 pages, ISBN: 0-9708667-7-1

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