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In My Feelins, Poems by Cedric Tillman

In My Feelins is both a bracingly candid memoir-in-verse and a chronicle of societal change and controversy in the Obama years. The poems careen from race, sexuality, and family life to immigration, gender roles, and gun violence, but what is notably less itinerant is the voice. That voice-whether deployed as conveyance for weighty considerations of behavioral determinism, or for the poetic exposition of an attraction-is a constant, and is undeniably permeated by Christianity and the influence of the Black church.

Sample Poems by Cedric Tillman

"When the world makes you into a mixtape, and what you need and what you click on and how you love seems a-jumble, read the poems of Cedric Tillman. These are fabulous poems of candor and jump, muscle and song. But his astonishing new book is also a compendium of testimonies-'Testimonial Poetics' might be a thing, starting now-to help us define ourselves in the moment, and our momentary selves."- Alan Michael Parker

"Cedric Tillman knows the reaches of the skipped stone. These poems are all-human-at once vulnerable, humorous and peacock. In My Feelins holds everything up to the light in consideration-from the domestic to the sociopolitical-while the most critical examination is reserved for the self. The reader will find themselves laughing out loud at imaginative political commentary and freshly devastated as Tillman revisits the terrorist attack in Charleston, SC and his own father's death. This collection is reflective of a heart shaped by origin and witness-a life worth reading about."- Kwoya Fagins Maples

"'Being free means getting used to the ghosts'-this is the heart of Tillman's collection. Through his mastery of persona and imagery, Tillman gives a voice to all the ghosts of his neighborhood and our neighborhood, the ghosts of his history and ours. In My Feelins is a great lyric collection, and a necessary reminder of the freedoms that can only be achieved by reckoning with the voices inside us and around us."- Jason McCall

ISBN: 978-1625493330, 112 pages

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