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Sample Poems by Martha Deborah Hall

Benn's Diner...

Hot chocolate in a huge tureen
my favorite kind of play,
whipped cream funneled through a cone
fill it all the way.

Serve it now and let me be.
Don't allow a soul to bother me.
When at last I am alone,
I stick out my happy tongue

then slide it down the side.
Using the spoon as a ladle,
never spilling on the table
I give the cream one last ride.

When I leave I smile and say
"I'll be back another day."

Showing Pranky Sides

According to The National Coffee Organization, there are more than 300,000 Americans who consume at least ten cups of coffee each day. Describe one of these people: Me. So? Gulp. Gulp.

The largest crowd I've ever been in was back in 1986 when Ronald Reagan was at a Bedford, New Hampshire, hotel celebrating his Republication Presidential nomination. I had been his Amherst, N.H. Campaign Manager. There were over one thousand people in the room. In my mind there were only three people in attendance: Me, myself and I.

Making My House Fall Down

"Why not
give up sugar,
caffeine, dark chocolate."
I tore from the house, would rather
not sleep.

Cinquain 19 March 17th

I eat
green-iced cupcakes,
sip hazelnut coffee
on the porch, watching the brook ice
break up.

Me Shedding It on This Globe

So far my cane with black-onyx handle stands lonely in my front hall closet. Instead of it, I use an old maroon steel ski pole on an icy day in New Hampshire. I don't wear shoes with laces on them except for today when I have on the sneakers that cause awful blisters. I wore them only because I want to match my pinky ski pants and jacket. My hair looked pretty cute before I left the house this morning, but now it's all windblown, and I forgot to place a comb in my writing briefcase to fix it. I won't sit under those old hairdryers and wait for the hairdresser's permanent waves to take. I haven't started on my wrinkles yet. (I need to, bigtime.) Many ten-year old skirts are still in my closet. I do have a big girl's laptop similar to the one held by the four-year-old kid in a collage I once saw. I never have tried or owned a skateboard (never want to).

On my choo-choo train in life, I'm very happy. I attempt to shoo-shoo rubbish away, try to mend life's constant dripping problems by turning off their faucets. I try to recall what Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." With tenacity I tone it down and try to use this intuitive advice and to shed those what's- their-names.